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Major structures

Rent Conditions and Booking Methods


Booking is fast and easy, just follow the following guidelines:

- Using the appropriate form in the tab of each apartment, sends the request to check availability

- If the apartment is available, you will receive confirmation and will starts a 3 days OPTION.

- Before the end of the 3 days OPTION you should pay 25% of the total amount as deposit.

- To complete the reservation you should pay the balance within sixty days prior to your arrival date.

Note: for reservations made less than sixty days before your arrival date, should be paid the full amount at the end of the 3 days OPTION.


  • Bank transfer
  • Credit Card (secure online payment system)
  • PayPal


Please note that the agency Amalfi Coast Immobiliare is owned by Gennaro Galano,regularly registered at the real estate agents at N°.*** 3321*** of the Chamber of Commerce of Naples. It is a real estate agency.

Please note that the properties we offer are not property of the agency Amalfi Coast Immobiliare.

The information about the apartments were reported after an accurate visit to the property; Amalfi Coast Immobiliare agency is not responsible for changes at the property made by the owner and not reported.

Amalfi Coast Immobiliare agency is not responsible for any malfunction of the accessories included in the building.


The minimum length of stay is generally one week, which is from Saturday to Saturday. Except for agreements previously accorded.


The access to the apartment will take place between 16:00 and 20:00.
At the end of your stay, you should leave the property no later than 10:00 am

Any eventual delays have to be communicated as soon as possible, calling at the numbers that will be provided in travel vouchers, to avoid uncomfortable situations.

If the delay will be not notified,and the customer does not arrive at the scheduled times, the Amalfi Coast Immobiliare assumes no responsibility.


The number of guests should not exceed the number of sleeps indicated by the details of each property, except for children younger than 2 years (that should be communicated at the time of booking).


Completed the reservation, will be sent via e-mail the Travel Voucher that should be presented to the property owner at the time of check-in, together with a valid ID (passport - identity card).

The travel voucher contains all the information you need to have access to the property, numbers of contact persons on the area, tourist informations, etc...

Refundable deposit

It 'a sum of money to be paid in cash to the property owner upon your arrival.

The refundable deposit guarantees the property owner against any accidental damage to the property or the house supplies.

The deposit will be refunded on departure if the property presents no damages.

The owner has the right to deny the access to property, if the refundable deposit will not payed.


In case of cancellation of a booking by the customer, are provided the following penalities:

if the cancellation is made after the payment of the deposit of 30% of the letting price, this amount will not be returned

- If the cancellation occurs after payment of the deposit of 25%of the total amount, the penalty is the loss of the deposit itself.

- If the cancellation occurs after payment of the total price until 31 days before your arrival date, the penalty will be 50% of the total price

- If the cancellation occurs after payment of the total price, between 30 and 16 days before your arrival date, the penalty will be 80% of the total amount.

- If the cancellation occurs after payment of the total price, between 15 days before and your arrival date, the penalty will be 100% of the total amount.

Note: The cancellation must be promptly comunicated to the agency via e-mail.
The cancellation will be valid from the date of receipt of the communication by the agency.


In case of cancellation by the owner, Amalfi Coast Immobiliare reserves the right to substitute the booked accommodation with anather with similar characteristic; any change in price in excess will be refunded by Amalfi Coast Immobiliare; if the price of new property is higher, the customer should pay the difference.

If the customer does not agree to change the structure, The amount paid will be refunded with no additional penalties.

In case of force majeure Amalfi Coast Immobiliare reserves the right to cancel or modify the reservation. The amount paid will be refunded to the customer with no additional penalties;


For any complaints please the customer, if possible, to clarify directly with the property owner.

In the case of a complaint, it must be communicated in writing and delivered to the Amalfi Coast Immobiliare not later than 3 days from the arrival date.

Please note that in case of litigation, shall be responsible the Court of Salerno.

The completion of the reservation implies that all the rental conditions reported were understood and accepted by the guest.