We can certainly define it as the characteristic liquor of the Amalfi Coast, the Sorrento Peninsula and the island of Capri. The...

The green of the Mediterranean, the deep blue of the sea and the yellow of lemons... These are the colors that for centuries characterized...

La Follia After the extraordinary success of last year, here comes back the Festival of Ravello. As anticipated, the theme of...

Every year, since 1606, Praiano inhabitants used to decorate its balconies, terraces, gardens with lighting system composed by...


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There are things that could not be described or cleared with an image, because they have to be inwardly lived in order to admire all their beauty and mysterious glamour.
Praiano is one of those "things", set like a coral in the Mediterranean, its territory lies between 0 and 750 meters above sea level. The village is split into two areas: Praiano rises on the east side, the fraction of Vettica Maggiore on the westwards. This division was ordered by the needs of the inhabitants of this ancient village, where until a few decades ago they lived with what the place could offer, mostly fishing and farming fields.
The history of this village dates back to a period prior to the founding of the Marine Republic of Amalfi. Documents confirm that it was titled as "Universitas" during the Angevin period, this meant that enjoyed a certain autonomy.
In the Middle Ages,enchanted by this land and its landscapes, the wealthy Doges of the Amalfi Republic choose it as a destination for their vacations.
The population centers were born in the lower part of the village, near the sea that originally appeared as the only source of life. In later years the population begins to move toward the mountains in search of safety, persecuted to natural disasters and the continuing attacks by Saracen, while the coast is fortified with watchtowers age "Angevin" and later defensive positions
The population was always very devoted to religion; to testify there are the 15 churches that stand on the whole territory.

Structures in Praiano

Holiday house
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La vita è bella
La vita è bella

4 Sleeps 1 Master bedroom - 1 bedroom with 2 single beds - Living room/Dining room - 1 bathroom - Eat-in kitchen - terrace - Parking Description In the "heart of the Amalfi Coast", halfway between Positano and Amalfi, lies Praiano. It is a marvelous land...

Holiday house
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Torre La Sciola
Torre La Sciola

5 Sleeps 1 double bedroom - 1 bedroom with 3 single beds - Living room - 1 bathroom - Kitchen - terrace - Parking place Description Praiano, the "Heart of the Amalfi Coast", one of the most lovely place, it is just few miles far all the other prestigious...

Villa Letizia
Villa Letizia

6+2 Sleeps 3 Double bedrooms - 4 Bathrooms - Large living room - Dining room - Cooking corner - Garden - Large panoramic terrace Description Approximate distancesBus stop:Local bus service Flavio Gioia 0.04 miles - regional bus service 0.18 miles Beach:...